Hover the mouse cursor over the link, the address of which is necessary to buffer exchange, and then click the right mouse button. If this link is posted in the page of the web site open in your browser, the context menu is the command line copy the link address. Depending on browser type, it can be stated with some differences. In Google Chrome and Opera this item called "Copy link address" in Internet Explorer - "Copy shortcut", in Mozilla FireFox, and Apple Safari - "Copy link". In any case, selecting this item performs the same action puts the links in the buffer exchange.
If you want to copy the link in a text document format for Microsoft Office Word, you have to hover your mouse on the word to which this link is attached, press the right mouse button and in the popup context menu select "Copy Hyperlink".
In the table editor Microsoft Office Excel to copy the link using the same method as in Word does not work - in the context menu that appears when you right-click the table cell that contains the link, no copy command. Select the other word "Edit Hyperlink". This will open a window where the desired link is placed in the "Address" - select it and copy as plain text (ctrl + c).
Text documents that do not support the formatting and hyperlink are specified in plain text. That is, to put such a link into the buffer of exchange, it just needs to highlight and copy by pressing ctrl + c or ctrl + Insert.