On mobile devices with the Android operating system, familiar to many users of personal computers the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. of Course, that copying and pasting text in mobile devices are made a little differently than on computers. Copying and pasting text is a very important parameter, without which it can not do, perhaps no one.

How to copy and paste on Android?

To copy text or link on a mobile Android device, you need to click on the area that you want to move and hold for a few seconds. After that highlight a certain area on the screen. If you need big text, not just one highlighted word, then you can easily move a special sliders, which are located left and right. After you select the desired fragment, click on the "Select" and choose "Copy". Further, it is required to open the document in which you want to paste the text. Press and hold for a few seconds on the empty field of the document until, until you see the context menu. Then click on the "Insert" button to place the copied text.

Program to copy and paste on Android

It should be noted that for simplification of procedure of copy and paste for users of mobile devices based on the Android operating system, we developed a huge number of various applications. For example, a user may download and install a free program called "Copy and paste". After installation, the user can see the new icon, which normally appears only during a browser or a text document. Sometimes it can be in the category "Share". It should be noted that when working with the browser, the clipboard will only copy the link to the page with the material, not the text.

Of course, that the "Copy and paste" is not the only. There is another good analogue Clipper. This software is nothing more than a clipboard Manager. It allows you to keep certain of the copied text, edit and, of course, copy them. It works on the same principle as standard copy on a mobile device with Android except that the menu will be a special icon of this program.

All programs you can find and download for free on Google Play Market.