Remember that the easiest way to make in property can be the object of real estate which was put up for official sale. This process occurs in several stages. First you apply for participation in the auction, then submit the necessary documents and await the decision of the Commission, participate in auctions, redeem the land, after execute all documents in the BTI and only then receive the right of ownership of the nonresidential premises.
If it so happened that the real estate you got through the courts, with the court decision and additional documents you need to go to the tax office. In this set of papers include: documents BTI, the application for registration, the paid state duty (the size of it today is 500 rubles). If you personally can't bring up the documents, then your Trustee will also need a power of attorney for all matters related to the registration in a private property non-residential property.
If the selected object has already been decorated in the property by a previous owner, for registration of their rights on the property you will need the following documents. All documents of title and supporting documents on the property from the previous owner of the residential premises. Also you always should be with a contract of sale that specifies all the technical characteristics of the object, its specificity, address, etc. equally important is the extract from the egrn and cadastral plan of the object. And of course you have to provide a certificate about the absence of utilities and other debts. All these documents you are providing to the state bodies of registration of property rights. And waiting for their response. Usually all procedure of transfer of non-property in the property takes around 30 days.