You will need
  • - USB flash drive.
Run the computer web browser. Go to the website of the manufacturer of the TV. Click on the website section "Support".
Select the name and model number of the TV in the menu "Download firmware" tab on the web page.
Right-click your mouse on the latest firmware update that appears from the drop down menu. Select "Save as" from the popup menu. In the window that appears, click "Save". Wait until the update file is downloaded to your computer.
Insert the flash drive into the USB port on the computer. Wait until the icon for the USB flash drive appears on the desktop.
Double-click the firmware update file once it is downloaded, to uncompress it. Double-click the program to run. Follow the instructions to the firmware installed on a USB flash drive.
Right-click the mouse on the icon of the USB flash drive. From the popup menu select "Extract". Remove the flash drive from the computer.
Insert the flash drive into the USB port of the TV. The port will be below the screen from the left or right side or on the rear panel.
Turn on the TV. Click on the remote button "Menu". Go to "Settings". From this section choose the option like "Update" or "Service". Select USB from the list of presented options.
Select "start" or "Begin firmware update". Wait until the TV will upgrade the firmware using the file from the flash drive.
After the update remove the flash drive from the USB port.