You will need
  • - soldering iron;
  • - a set of tools;
  • - the programmer.
Find the service manual for your model monitor. Without it, not start flashing, since this process implies a watering his chips. Review the sequence analysis of the device, then remove the chip monitor. Proceed extremely carefully. In the absence of experience with the chipsets in any case, do not get self-flashing.
Pre-purchase a programmer to flash IC of your monitor. You can find programmers at the radio shops of your city, and order them in the online shop or make your own if you have the skills to operate such equipment, to do this you need to download the schema from the Internet.
Connect the programmer to the computer and using a special utility to merge information from the connected IC monitor. This is necessary in order to avoid further problems with the new firmware program for the device.
Download the new firmware program for your monitor. It is best to choose a program provided specifically for your model, otherwise you can ruin the monitor, and you will have to go for repair to the authorized service center. You can use the software available at the following link: Please note, all firmware program loaded into your computer, before installing to check for viruses.
Flash chip of your monitor downloaded and checked for viruses by the firmware program by the programmer. Remove it from the schema and return back to the monitor, firmly securing its position. Turn it on and test the new software.