Wi-Fi adapter

Wi-Fi adapter is a versatile tool, thanks to which the user has access to the Internet. Very often you can find exactly the built-in Wi-Fi adapters. Most often, they are directly in the computer or laptop. Each variety of Wi-Fi adapters, has different functions. For example, some of them can only receive the signal, and also to distribute it.

When choosing and buying a wifi adapter, specifically you need to decide for yourself - why you use it. For example, if your home is already Wi-Fi, but the desktop computer cannot log on to a network, they just can not see it. This problem is solved in the usual purchase standard Wi-Fi adapter, with the function of receiving signals. In the other case, when there is no wifi, but a computer with which you will be handing out your Wi-Fi network. As mentioned above, in this case, you will need to buy a Wi-Fi adapter that supports the function of signal distribution.

Configuring Wi-Fi adapter

Once wifi adapter is installed, the network must be configured. This process takes a very long time. The most important thing is to follow the exact instructions. Wi-Fi adapter is configured slightly differently, depending on the operating system. For example, the configuration process of the adapter on the Windows 7 operating system.

In a field where the connectivity of the network, it is necessary to find the item "control Center network and sharing". After the window appears, you need to find the "Change adapter settings". A window will open "Network connections". In this folder you need to find a wireless connection and pressing the right mouse button to bring up the context menu and select "Properties".

In the resulting window, find and select the line "Internet Protocol TCP/IP v4" and click on "Properties". Next, you need to set the checkbox near the item "auto-Retrieve" (on all values). Confirm this action by clicking "OK". Then, if the router you have already created a connection to the window all the connections to select the created connection and connect to Wi-Fi network.

Configure and setup Wi-Fi network is complete, and users can easily to use it.