Advice 1: How to change face in photoshop

Using Adobe Photoshop CS5 can be carried out over photos of a number of operations. Changing faces – not an easy task at first glance. But modern technologies allow to achieve an excellent result. You can make a face more or less attractive. You can enlarge eyes, make lips more plump, to change the line of your eyebrows, the shape of the nose. Later, using one tool, you will be able to adjust not only the face but also the shape. In General, anything.
In this image, we will train
You will need
  • You need only a little knowledge, desire, photo processing with Adobe Photoshop CS5 (and earlier versions).
Open the desired photo in Photoshop. Carefully inspect the face and mark for yourself what you want to change. Double click on the layer thumbnail to unlock it. Name this layer "original". Create a copy of this layer and name it "1".
Click on the "create new layer", name this layer "changes". On the layer "change" the hard brush of small size, circle all the places you plan to change (ears, eyes, etc.). This layer need to turn on and off to see if all you changed.
Go to layer "1". Go to filter → plastic (you can call this filter keys Shift+Ctrl+X). Choose the tool "warp". Install a comfortable size, density, and pressure of the brush.
Now you can change at your discretion. For small parts of the face (eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips), use a smaller brush. This will allow you to more accurately change the form. Try gently lifting the corners of your lips – you will smile. For larger parts (cheekbones, chin, forehead) take the brush bigger. This will help you avoid the bumps and unevenness on smooth surfaces.
To undo your last action, press Ctrl+Z. If you need to restore the full plot, use the tool to "reconstruct". When the person take the desired form and the expression, click OK.
You can now change the color of the eyes. Create an adjustment layer "curves". Change settings of each channel, to obtain the desired color. Pay no attention to the fact that the whole picture changes color. Should only be for the eyes.
When the color obtained in the "menu mask" click "invert". Now take a white brush and a very neat and precise movements help the eyes. You will see that the eye acquires the desired shade. Can slightly reduce the opacity of this layer to make the picture look more natural.
You can now change the color of the skin. Create an adjustment layer "hue\saturation". Move the sliders until the desired skin tone.
In the "menu mask" click "invert". And now use a white brush paint the skin. You will see that the person acquires the desired shade.
Now our photo is ready.
Make sure you changed everything you wanted. Now you need to disable or delete a layer "changes". Save the resulting image.
In this simple way you can create a totally fantastic faces of different shapes and colors. From friend to alien. Bring your creative ideas and good luck.
Useful advice
Don't forget to disable or delete the layer "modify", otherwise the saved image will be visible to all your notes.

Advice 2 : How to develop facial expressions

Facial expressions are movements of the muscles of the face, which are a form of manifestation of certain feelings (joy, disappointment, sadness, etc.). Mimicry is also one of the forms of communication between people. Waiting for words, she adds a lot of expressiveness and persuasiveness.
How to develop facial expressions
There are two types of expressions:- Reflex domestic mimic;
- Conscious mimicry. It helps the actors to consciously obtain the desired expression of the face.
How to develop <b>facial expressions</b> <strong></strong>
Since ancient times mankind has been familiar with physiognomy. This is the art of reading faces, which was developed in China in the middle ages, as well as in Japan. In these countries established a special school in which the facial expression of the face was studied by millimeter. Based on previous experience, the physiognomists tried to determine the nature and fate of each tubercle on the face, each reddening or blanching of the skin.
Exercises to develop facial expressions usually start with the most simple and end complex training, the effectiveness of which will grow with each lesson. Required to begin to develop the mobility of the muscles of the face. Do we need to do arbitrary movements of the facial muscles. Try to emancipate a person, thus restoring its optimal mobility. After a certain period of time after the beginning of the training, you will notice that your face has become more free and can take a variety of expressions. In this case, you will not feel absolutely no tension, because the initial exercises consist of relaxation of the facial muscles.
Together with the beginning exercises for the development of facial expressions is very useful to do special exercises for development of correct speech. Due to this, in the further development of facial expression will occur much faster and the process will become intuitive and simple.
Then with the facial muscles you want to portray in front of a mirror different emotions. Try to pronounce different words with different shades of emotions. For example, you can say the word "Hello!" with joy, with rudeness, with rage, anger and so on. All the will of your imagination. Pretty soon you will see that your face takes the desired shades of emotions depending on the color of your condition. In addition, all these movements are not arbitrary. You will fully control and understand.
The final stage of development of the expressions of your face will be the next exercise. Have your partner stand in front of you and begin to portray a different kind of emotional state. Next, switch roles with him. Remember that reading other people's emotions, you thus learn to manage their emotions.
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