You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop
Open in photoshop a picture, which you want to replace the face of the depicted person, and then open a photo that you are going to substitute the face of the original.
To cut out your face from the photo, use the Lasso Tool and drag it around the contour. Then copy the selected object and copy the picture-the original.
The next step is to fit the resulting object to the size of the face in the picture. To do this, select the Edit item Free Transform and edit shapes and sizes face at its discretion, until it is proportional to the figure in the painting.
The parameters of the layer, on which is carved and reduced face, set the transparency (Opacity) at 70-72%. Place the piece with the face over the face in the picture and a soft eraser, erase the unnecessary parts of the image outside of the original. After the person has acquired the neat features, select the layer transparency to its previous level.
An important element in the imposition of a person on the picture is the color correction, without which the resulting image is realistic and beautiful. Select the Image Adjustment items and Levels and start to edit the levels, adjusting the color of a person under color scheme the total of the original picture. After getting the result you want, click the same menu button to Color Balance.
Straightening color is insufficient, you will need to smooth out the texture of the faces in the photo so that it matched the texture of the Foundation. If the face should be more smooth and even, copy the layer and apply Gaussian Blur filter with a value of no more than 5 pixels. Then using the eraser to correct defects in the face: make the eyes, eyebrows and lips more defined. After that, the collage can be called ready.