Locate the two small piece of copper wire. Connect them between the antenna cable RG6, it will be the two halves of the antenna. The portion of the resulting structure, to which is soldered the Central conductor, set vertically, and the other half down. This is necessary because of the peculiarities of polarization, since the antenna is a conventional dipole. The remaining end of the cable connect to the device. When installing, ensure the antenna has sufficient rigidity, in order to be stable during the movement of the machine.
Use as a natural antenna of the car body. It is perfect as a hidden and coherent antenna. Find it in the car the gap, total length of which is from half to three meters, allowing the antenna to operate efficiently in the desired range. This will perfectly fit the trunk lid or the gap between the body and rear door.
Remember that this slit antenna, so no insulation between the trunk lid and the car body should not be, on the contrary, there is good electrical contact. Mount the box with a matching unit (SU) on the screws right next to the trunk lock. Connect the output of the SU twisted pair the petals of the castle. Ensure wire is not subjected to clamping door, trunk.
Remember that sometimes the location and angle of tilt, depends on the quality and the level of the received signal. Any antenna should be placed vertically. Try to put her on the metal parts, and do not place at an angle to the roof. Bend reduces the reception quality, for example, at an inclination of 30 degrees, the effect of radiation is reduced by 25%. Flush antenna , try to put on the roof, thus achieving a maximum height and, therefore, the greatest gain.
How to make car <strong>antenna</strong>