Look for sites Korean motor shows or markets. One of them This company has Russian-speaking employees who phone or email to answer all your questions.
Set the search parameters in a special window on the main page of the site. All possible options will be presented to you on the screen.
After selecting, you will remember the seven-digit code that is specified in the description of the car. After that, contact company by phone: +82-2-2672-2252, +82-10-4489-9565, +82-2-2672-0337, 82-2-2672-2254, or email: and Give them the lot number. Managers will find out if the car is in stock and notify you.
Then you e-mail send the scanned contract for the purchase of the car and account. After receiving it within three days to make an advance payment ten to fifty percent of the cost. Not more than a week, transfer the remaining money. This can be done by using a Telegraph. Copies of payment documents to send to the seller by Fax.
After receiving the money the car will be removed from sale and sent to Russia. Shipping from Korea to your destination usually takes five to six weeks.