Some of the players have their own internal memory, which can hold from a few dozen to hundreds of your favorite clips. To pump them on your player using the usb cable that usually comes any modern dvd player. Connect the cable only if the player is equipped with a usb connector.
To connect the usb cable to the player, find on the surface of the connector, carefully examine it and figure out which side to connect the cable. Then attach the cable opposite the connector and feed it forward. If all match, then the cable will immediately connect, if not, then again check whether you're doing it.
In case you don't know how to connect the cable, contact the store where you bought it. Local experts will sort through the whole procedure and show by example how to connect the usb cable to the dvd player.
Many users of players are interested in how to connect usb pendrive to it. This situation is identical to that discussed above. You will not be able to connect a USB flash drive to the player, if it has no usb output. However, you don't need to think about it, because almost every modern portable dvd player on the market, equipped with all necessary connectors and supports the most popular standards for data transmission from Bluetooth to IrDA. Buying a dvd player, please check the serviceability and performance of all of its constituent parts. In case of any malfunctions, immediately contact the seller with the requirement to replace any faulty part of the dvd player.
If you want to connect a dvd player to a TV or computer, check the version compatibility usb slots because, otherwise, you get nothing, and will not be able to watch videos or favorite music video from the dvd player. Before you can use any player available on the market, install all required drivers from the disk, which is in the sales package. Without this procedure, many player functions will be disabled and you will not be able to fully appreciate all its advantages.