You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
To determine who owns a particular domain you can use special websites. Basically, it centers the registration of domain names or companies that provide hosting. On these sites there is a database of domain names with the ability to identify on request - free domain, or busy. If the domain is available, it can be purchased and if it is occupied - you can find out who the owner is. Consider one of the methods on the example company website RuCenter (
In the center of the main page is a window to enter domain name on a rectangular orange background with the words "Domain". In this window you need to enter the domain name that you want to install. Once the name is entered, press "Enter" on the keyboard or click the mouse on the Check button, located next to the window in which you entered the domain name.
Loaded a new page called "search Result". In the beginning of the list in bold is highlighted You are interested in domain.
Click on the status of the domain (the word "busy" in this line). This will open a new browser window, which will set the owner in the line "org"(individual entrepreneur, limited liability company or other) 'll Also see their contact information in the appropriate row ("phone" phone, "e-mail" - email address "created" - date created and "paid-till" date up to which this domain is paid.
If the domain belongs to a private person, the table will be specified in the string "person" (owner) is a Pivate Person (a private individual). The name in this case to know immediately fail, but the email address will still be listed. Contact this e-mail address and find out who owns a domain.