Start any browser in the address bar enter the address of the service to clarify the registration information of domain names of sites. This can be, for example,
Enter the address of the website you are interested in the request form marked with a red frame, and press the Enter key. A few seconds in the bottom of the page will appear all the available information about the resource, for example, the date of registration, its owner, i.e. the person who registered the name. For individuals, depending on the policy of the hosting center, displays the name, address, phone number. For legal entities shows the name and address of the firm.
Similar information can be ascertained by using another resource. Enter in the address bar and press Enter. A page will open where you will see the query window prompting you to enter the domain name of the website or IP address, and it can be as the site address and the address of a particular computer. Enter in a line of search the name of the desired site and click lookup. After some time you can see information about the resource is divided into several tabs.
On the first tab of the Whois Record read the information on the website, the hosting company and contact information, from email addresses to phone numbers. This tab also contains the registration date and the date of completion of the lease this domain name. Switch to the second tab, called a Site Profile to see General information about the activity of the website and mentions in search engines.
Click on the bookmark and a Registration Server Stats if you are interested in more detailed information about the subdomains of the site and its physical location. Note that all information may be different levels of details, depending on the rules of a particular registered organization.