Go to the following page:http://www.seogadget.EN/hosting
Enter into the large input box in the middle of the page up to ten domain names. Each of them must be on a separate line. You can even enter the URL of the entire page, the server will determine where in the string is the domain name. Click "Check".
Wait until the page is reloaded, and then the server will find information on all the entered domain names (in all relevant cells of the table will disappear rotating circles and the text will appear). The column "allocation of NS-servers" do not pay attention - these data are provided from regular Whois service. Much more interesting is the second column - "Name of the network where the site is located". In it you will find rows of the following form: "hetzner-rz14", "leaseweb", "zenon", etc.
Enter the network name in any search engine (Google, Yandex, Nigma, etc.) among the output links, you will surely find one that specifies what in the network operate web hosting companies. In some networks there is only one provider and he serves you are interested in the website. If multiple providers (which happens infrequently), to determine which of them belongs to server with a site, without additional measures it is impossible, but your circle of search, at least, would be much narrower.
With the help of search engines find the email address of the administrator of the network, which operates a few hosting providers. Tell him the website address and ask what kind of provider it serves. It is possible that the administrator will meet you and report this information.
To use the hosting provider of the website in various ways. For example, if the resource is infringed on the intellectual property or placed you insulting material, and appeal to the owner of the site remain unanswered, you may refer your complaint to the hosting provider. If your appeal is not effective in this case, you will have to go to court.