You will need
  • Thick upholstery fabric with a length of 2 stools width +3 cm
  • 9 flat buttons
  • A piece of foam with a thickness of 1-2 cm size of seat stools
  • Braid or a piece of string, 1-1,3 m
Flip the stool legs up, put it on paper or on any piece of paper and draw the outline of the seat. It will detail A. Cut out the resulting pattern and cutting of fabric into two identical parts And, adding on each side for 1 cm at the seams.
How to sew a stool <b>case</b>
Cut from the cloth 4 In detail, the longest side of which is equal to the side of the seat stools plus 2 cm at the side seams. To find the width of the part, measure the thickness of the seat stool and multiply it by 4. It will be the side of the case.
Exactly details And cut out foam square. Put it between the fabric and prometeia the edges manually using large stitches, departing at 1 cm Sew a seam on a typewriter.
Mark where buttons will be sewn. To do this with chalk or a thin piece of soap raschertite the upper part of the cover on the 4x4 grid. In the lattice sew buttons.
Sew the side of the case on each side. Express not all sewn the seam, their zautyuzhte on the wrong side. Will attrocites their side of the case, but not completely, by a distance equal to the width of the seat of the stool.
Zautyuzhte edge of the long sides of the side seams, fold in half and pristrochite in kulisku. Insert it in the tape, put the cover on the stool and tie the ribbon tightly, the ends of the knot tuck under cover.