Cutting and tailoring

Over time, the upholstered chairs go bad. Win them expensive, much more economical to knit on the chairs covers with their hands. With this furniture more beautiful looks are included during the family celebration, anniversary. For such cases, suitable light-colored slightly shiny fabric, as a decorator will make gold brocade – it takes some time. Depending on whether cases will be closed by the chairs or not, skinny or pleated, they will need 1-2 meters of fabric. More economical to sewing several products. Then you can cut almost all the fabric was used.

If a chair with a straight back and legs, the pattern is not necessary. Take the measuring tape, attach the edge to the bottom of the right rear legs of the chair, lift it up, lead across the back seat. Next, it passes through right-most point of the seat, the front right leg is lowered to the bottom, stops at the floor. When making measurements, the cm must include all parts, through which passes.

Record the resulting figure. For example is "X". Now we need to get another size. View that the wider the distance between the rear legs or the two extreme points of the chair seat. Then measure and record the length of let is "Do".

Lay the canvas fabric on the front side. At the top, measure from the left edge horizontally the value of "U". Put down so many cm, how many in "X". Add two smaller sides by 1.5 and the smaller 1 cm seam, cut out the rectangle in the markup.

Put it on a chair wrong side up – from the back legs through the backrest, a seat, front legs. You have a blatant cloth side chair. On each side you need to sew a large flap in the shape of a rectangle or square. Measure how wide and long it should be. Put these two values on the fabric. Adding on three sides " 1 " and the bottom one 1.5 cm

Now take some pins. Chipped in two places between the side of the first cloth from the top of the backrest before sitting. Now attach the pins just cut the sides into place. They apply also wrong side up. Carefully remove the workpiece from the chair. Prostrochite scheduled pins of the joints. The bottom of the product will pull up. Will attrocity 2 area of the upper back side. Outwrite product.


If you wish, sew the bottom of the chair, the frill. To do this, cut a strip of gold fabric with a width of 10-15 see to know its length, oberaue down around the perimeter of all 4 legs. Add to this figure the same amount or half. Cut the tape, pull up the bottom edge, the top lay the pleats, sew the bottom of the case.

From the same fabric cut a strip the width of which is equal to the width of the backrest (+2cm), belt length 28 cm Fold in half lengthwise, stitch from the inside together 2 large region. Turn on the face. As well sew the strip of fabric with a width 16 and a length of 14 cm. After you've stitched it 2 large sides, sew smaller. You get a fabric ring. Pull it through the hole that was created before the strip of gold brocade. Attach one edge to the left, and second right side seams of the back. Only after that sew the seams of the seat cover of the chair. The bow needs to back off between back and legs.