You will need
  • - the adaptation for compression of springs of valves;
  • - tweezers or magnetized screwdriver;
  • - a device for removing oil caps.
To check the status of the oil cap, start the engine, give him a little at idle, then suddenly hit the accelerator and look for smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. If it is blue or bluish, valve seals not doing their job and need to be replaced. The second option check: warm engine, raise revs to four Grand, then abruptly release the gas. If you go that blue smoke, valve seals should be changed. Note that in the case where the blue smoke is on all modes, gets thicker at higher rpm, and the compression in the cylinders falls, the blame is worn piston rings.
The replacement oil caps, start with disconnecting the negative wire from the battery. Then remove the cover from the cylinder head and check the piston of the first cylinder in the TDC position (top dead center) of compression stroke. In the same situation would be, and the piston of the fourth cylinder. This is necessary in order to eliminate the possibility of dropping valves into the cylinders.
Evenly loosen the bolts fastening the rocker arm shaft of the valve, and then remove them. Please note that they have different shape heads. When reassembling the bolts must be set into place, so remember their location.
Remove the axle drive of valves with rocker arms. Install the fixture to compress the valve spring, to do this, screw the bolt to the rocker arm shaft in one of the holes of the cylinder head. Hook it over the bolt device for the compression springs.
Compress the valve spring. With the help of forceps or a magnetized screwdriver, remove from her plate the two cracker. Remove the device to compress the spring, then the plate and the spring. Using a special tool for removing the valve caps, remove the cap. It is possible to pull out with pliers, it is important not to turn from side to side and pull straight up.
Install the new cap, brushing the inside surface with engine oil. With the help of a mandrel to gently press the cap. Swipe reverse assemble all previously removed items. Thereafter, in the same way, replace the caps of the second valve and two valves of the fourth cylinder. Next, install the pistons of the second and third cylinders at TDC and the above-described algorithm replace oil caps.