You will need
  • - Advanced System Care.
Start with increasing the allowable amount of virtual memory. It will slightly reduce the load on Board RAM. Open the properties menu of "Computer" and select "advanced system settings". Now open the "Advanced" tab and click "Settings" under "Performance". Open the "Advanced" tab and click "Edit".
Uncheck the item "Automatically select paging file size". Select the system disk partition and select the check box next to "Specify size". Enter the minimum and maximum volumes of the paging file. Click "Ask" and close this window.
Now take off unnecessary services. More than 10% is constantly active services are not used by most users. Open control panel and navigate to "System and security". Now open the submenu "Administration" and go to "Services".
Select some service, right-click and select "Stop". Follow this procedure for all of your unused services after analyzing the column "Description". Be extremely careful. Disabling an important service can lead to malfunction of the operating system.
Now download from the website utility AdvancedSystemCare. It helps to optimize the computer, but in this case you only need one function. Run this application and open the menu "Utilities". Go to "memory".
Click "Settings". Select the check boxes of all items displayed menu. Click "Apply". Now click "Forward" in the ensuing menu, select the option "Deep cleaning". Do not close the tool, allowing it to automatically clean the RAM.