Advice 1: What to do if you forgot security question

One of the conditions for safe surfing in the Internet – sufficient password complexity. Many sites focus on this note. For example, the password should combine uppercase and lowercase letters, often in registration require the presence of at least one numeric symbol. Yes, we should agree, it will protect you from a quick password guessing. As a means to recover a forgotten password, many sites offer to enter a secret password.
What to do if you forgot security question
What to do, you went to the password recovery form for the secret question, but I can't remember what the answer entered during registration? There are a few simple ways.

The answer to the question should be very well familiar to you. So that these data you will never forget. So, for example, can be "mother's maiden name" or "phone number" of a loved one. By the way, at least try to remember, if the answer you were given, haven't switched the keyboard layout to another language. It happens that in answer to the question "Your favorite food", some put... the phone number. Never use in the response, the date of birth. Never write down your answer on paper.

If you remember the answer and did not work, change the keyboard layout doesn't help either, try to recover the password additional email address. It should also be mentioned at check-in. To the specified e-mail will receive a letter with instructions for logging. Then in the personal Cabinet you can freely change the answer to your secret question, also the question itself.

In that case, if you did not specify additional e-mail during registration, you may have specified a mobile phone number. The actions in this case are almost similar. Enter in a special form the number. In response you will receive SMS with the access code. Enter it in a special box and you will get access to your data. Change your password and secret question.

If you are one of those who does not show your mobile number, you can write a letter to the administration, like spelling out the date of registration, date of the last successful access, security question, the expected answer, what information you had provided during registration, what information is on the website in your mailbox, secret question which you have forgotten the real name, surname, patronymic, address of residence, it is advisable to take a photo of yourself with a passport in hand . Address to communicate with the technical support required on the password recovery page, sometimes there is even a feedback form.

Advice 2: How to recover password if forgotten the answer to the question

If you are unable to access their mailbox for any reason, and when you try to recover password I cannot remember the answer to the question - do not worry. Enough to write a letter to technical support, to verify your identity and prove that you are the owner of this e-mail.
How to recover password if forgotten the answer to the question
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - copy of passport (if necessary).
Type in the address bar of your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or perhaps Safari), the domain name of the server where the mailbox is located. Next to the form to enter email address or login, find the link: "Forgot", "Remember password" or "can't access my account", enter your username and click "Next". After that, the system will request the information specified at registration, namely the answer to the secret question. Enter any combination of letters or numbers and click "Next".
In the window you will see that the entered data is not froma responsepoint specified in the profile. Then you most likely will be prompted to enter information about yourself: additional email address and/or mobile phone number. In the case of correct answerand you will get access to password change. Otherwise (e.g. you have changed your phone number or did not specify the second mailbox), if you write a letter in support (Users Support) and fill in an application form. The answer will come within 3-5 days.
If you have sent information will not be enough, write another letter. It specify more detailed information that will help confirm your rights to the mailbox. It can be the names of folders that you create, the addresses stored in the address book, date of registration, ip addresses from which the most frequently accessed, etc.). In the event you have been given your valid data, send a scanned copy of the passport or other document proving your identity.
Useful advice
Try to remember as much information as possible related to your post. If possible, please specify by phone or in person the addresses of your friends and colleagues you have made in address book. Remember the days when you sent them letters. If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, the password from the mail you can find pretty easy, just go "Tools" - "Settings" - "Security" - "Stored passwords" - "the Display of passwords and to find the right".

Advice 3: What to do if forgot password to mail

Modern man is faced with too much information, so often forgotten something important and necessary, for example, the password from the mailbox. However, this does not mean that you have to accept that fact and register your new email address. To restore the password in several ways.
What to do if forgot password to mail
Visit the mail services of your e-mail. Next to the sign in form in Inbox, locate the words "Forgot password?" or "Remember password". Clicking on it will open a new page where you will be prompted to enter your username and answer your secret question. A postal service for quite some time when you create a mailbox offer each user to come up with some secret question and record the answer. Some of us take lightly to this procedure, believing that is unlikely to ever face the need to recover the password, but in such situations this information is needed. Click "Next" and in the case of a correct response, the system will prompt you to enter a new password.Often the user cannot remember the answer to secret question, in this case, the password can be restored using a mobile phone or optional email. After the wrong answer to the secret question you will be asked to enter a phone number or second e-mail address if you provided this data during registration. Then you will be sent a new password, which must be entered when logging on to the mailbox. Subsequently, using the menu item "Settings" you can change it to more convenient.Sometimes it happens that the user does not remember the answer to your secret question, phone number and additional email address if not entered or not can use them. In such a situation to recover the password more difficult, but it is, nevertheless, possible. Complete the online application form in support (usually it appears when all the previously entered information is incorrect). Specify the problem you encountered, and write as much information as possible that will prove that this e-mail really belongs to you. For example, the approximate registration date, personal data, the names of folders that you create, the email addresses of your participants. Within a few days you will receive a response.

Advice 4: What to do if you forgot the password by email

If you can't remember the password from your mailbox – do not worry, it can be recovered. Depending on the accuracy provided by you at registration, as well as its quantity, the recovery procedure may take from 1-2 minutes to several days.
What to do if you forgot the password by email
The easiest way to recover a forgotten password, if you are a user of Mozilla Firefox: go to "Tools", "Settings", "Protection" and then "Saved passwords". Display all passwords that will be easy to find the one you need. If you use Internet Explorer or Safari for example, go to the mail server and enter the username of your mailbox to the appropriate row. To the right of the form to enter data or under it click on the words "Forgot", "can't access my account" or "Remember password" and then click "Next". Enter the response requested by the system of "Secret question", which you specified when registering in the box that appears (if you don't remember it, just enter any characters) and hit "Next".The correct answer, you will be prompted to immediately change the password to a new one. If you answer incorrectly, you will need to enter additional information about yourself (for example, registering a cell phone number and/or another e - mail, registered in your name). If this information was not provided at registration, or no longer relevant (was changed a phone number, deleted mailbox) to restore the password you will need to write a letter of support by completing a special application form. The answer will come no later than 3-5 working days. In case of failure in restoring access to a mailbox (if provided information is not sufficient) send another letter with more detailed information: the names you have created folders that are stored in contacts address book, the approximate date of mailbox registration, the date of dispatch of letters etc. If the data you provided at registration match the passport, then to the letter, you can attach a scanned copy of your passport, driving licence or other document confirming your identity.
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