Log in to your mail "Yandex". Go to the website In the upper right corner of the page, click "e-Mail", enter your username and password and click with the left mouse button on the command "Login". After that you will open the page in your mailbox "Yandex".
Right at the top of the window, look for the gear icon. Move the cursor with the mouse, and you see the prompt "All settings". Click on the icon with the left mouse button. In the opened window select "Security" or any other of the proposed, since in any case the forwarding happens on the same tab.
Left on the opened page click on the "Change password". It is located in the lower part of the window. You will see the page "Change password". Enter your current password.
Then create a new security code. In accordance with the rules of the site "Yandex" the password must be no shorter than 6 and not longer than 20 characters. New code may contain numbers, Latin letters and basic punctuation. It is not allowed that the password was identical login. To protect your email from hacking, create a unique security code that you have not previously used other email services or social networks.
Invented enter the security code in the field "New password". If it meets the requirements of "Yandex", printed below symbols appear review "Reliable." Enter your new password again in the "Repeat, not to be mistaken".
In the "Type the characters" type the letters you see in the picture on the left. If the signs are difficult to disassemble, click the "Other code" which is located under the letters. You can also confirm the new password by entering 4 digits, which will be named in the ad. Click on the "listen to code" and enter the desired characters into the blank field. Then click on the "Save" button. Then your password in the mail "Yandex" will be changed.
In your Inbox may contain important personal information or operating data. So they were not lost and were not available to criminals, do not save passwords in your browser. After the email go out from your account in "Yandex" and only then close the page. Thus, should a stranger have access to your personal computer, it will not be able to log into your email on the website "Yandex".