Please contact the sports club. Pass the mandatory fitness test, which includes not only the study of your body's capabilities, and diagnostics supply. And so it may be that you will be quite a properly selected diet.
Select a personal trainer and work out with him an individual training program taking into account the level of your physical condition and characteristics of your body. Keep in mind that optimal weight loss with no harm to the body – not more than 1 kg per week.
Do not start the main set without warm-up approach (i.e. do the exercises without additional weight held on the chest) 12 reps. After that 5 sets of 10 repetitions with the weight already. Do the exercises slowly. Pick a working weight that at the same time and not overexert, and to make the muscles of the abdomen to work.
Ensure that your abs worked as it should. For this you can practice first on a normal bench, in order to determine what groups of muscles you used during exercise. It is believed that this complex is sufficient to perform only 1 time per week to achieve the desired effect.
Do the exercises with light weights or do spinning classes. Such exercises it is enough to perform 3 times a week for half an hour. Possible to combine exercises that strengthen different muscle groups and not just stomach, to figure were perfectly formed
Suck in the belly when you walk and don't slouch. Perform similar exercises at home. Start your day with a good charge or run. Rationally eat. If you want to get rid of belly, you need to take care of the body as a whole.