Go to the menu button "start". Then select "control Panel", then "Accounts". If you are the only user of the computer, you have administrator rights, ie unlimited power, so to change the password from the point of view of access to the system will be a piece of cake. Review the settings for the login user to the system. If near the item "Use the welcome screen" check box is checked, uncheck it. This will improve the security of your laptop.
In the accounts list, select the user whose account you want to change the password. Select it. Find the link "Change password". You will see a window. In the row enter the new password and confirm it in the box below. It is necessary that you have not entered incorrect password, which themselves subsequently could not use. To initially remember the password on the laptop, write it down somewhere accessible only to you.
Use command prompt to change the password. To do this, go to the "start" button. Then click on "Run". You will see a command prompt. Enter cmd in it and press Enter. You receive another command prompt.
To change the password on the laptop enter the following: net user username password. This is just an example. This phrase needs to be corrected. Instead of username enter the user name, password is password. Then press the Enter key. If you did everything correctly, you should see the inscription: "the Command completed successfully.
Use the third option change the password on your personal computer. Navigate to the "start" button, click "Run". At the command prompt, type control userpasswords. You will see the window user account control, which you will be able at its discretion to change any password for any user.