You will need
  • - Live CD.
To start, try to start the system restore feature. For this you will need either the installation disc (if you use Windows Vista or 7) or one of the many Live CD (for Windows XP). Insert the selected disc in the drive. Turn on the computer.
If you are using the Windows Vista installation disc (Seven), start the process of installing the new OS. Go to "advanced restore options" and select one suitable for you points. You can use the automatic recovery of the boot files or full system reset to the condition in which it was at the time of creating the backup image.
If you have a computer running Windows XP, then use the Live CD allows you to run Windows without having the computer working OS. Select "Load Windows from disk".
Wait until the program will prepare and upload files. It may take a lot of time, because the read speed from the CD-ROM is much less than the speed of the hard drive. Now perform the required operations, working in the environment of the running operating system. Be careful, because the system start-up disk allows you to perform any file operations Windows XP.
Delete the virus files that prevent the operating system from starting. If necessary, edit the boot files. To successfully restore the operating state of the system is better to use file or disk that contains the setup files the same version of Windows.
If you need to prepare the hard disk to install a new operating system, you will need a portable version of Partition Manager. Run it from a USB drive and adjust the partitions on your hard disk. Remember that working OS environment running from the disk, you will not be able to install additional programs on this disk.