You will need
  • - a CD with Windows.
Make sure that your computer hardware is compatible with the Windows operating system. The list of compatible hardware can be found at the link here you can then download the required drivers.
Create a partition on the hard drive which must be formatted as FAT32 or FAT. If your computer has no operating system MS-DOS or you cannot run the command prompt, you will need to also make a boot floppy.
Insert the CD-ROM with Windows in the CD drive of your computer. Download the PC in command-line mode via the menu "Download". Start SMARTDrive. For this command the MS-DOS prompt, type smartdrv and press the enter key. If you do not use the application, the setup program will copy files very slowly.
Enter at the command prompt MS-DOS name of the drive that corresponds to CD disk Windows. Press enter, then type cd i386 and winnt command, pressing Enter after each. This will launch the setup program.
At the prompt, enter the path to the installation files for your operating system and press enter. Will start copying files to your hard drive. At the end of the process a message appears, then remove any floppy disks and press Enter. to computer crashes.
Wait for reboot and press enter to continue installing Windows from the MS-DOS. Format the hard drive and partition if necessary. After that, the computer again restarts, and the installation will resume in GUI mode. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to complete the procedure.