Go to the website of your service provider, review the data presented there. Many of this information is readily available. If you do not find the used range on the website, call the call center and connect with the operator. You have to tell or the information, or the easiest way to recognize them. The company pays for the use of web addresses, and these data are not secret. If the range is fixed, it is usually specified in the contract. Otherwise, it should be clarified.
Find out your IP. Use any online service to update your address. This service, for example, provides "Yandex": or For example, after the last service will give information on your location in the network, the data will appear in the search box. Again, click "Check out". The service then issues a range of addresses available to your ISP. .
Specify using any of the service provider domain and the selection site name (whois), which Autonomous system owns a particular IP. Go to the database of the European region of the RIPE Database ( and enter the window of search data obtained. The result is in front of you the available address ranges.
If you need a permanent IP address, contact your ISP. Order it as an additional service. Some providers immediately assign a client a fixed IP address. But this practice is increasingly rare.