You will need
  • - glue (paste, PVA or Wallpaper for joints);
  • dry cloth;
  • medical syringe, brush or sponge, spatula.
Before gluing old Wallpaper in advance, prepare the glue. You can use several types: paste (a glue made from flour or starch), PVA glue or special adhesive to the joints. Note that PVA can leave yellow stains, so it cannot be used for light Wallpaper.
Fold the edge of the peel off old Wallpaper. Dry rag clean the surface on which you will apply the glue.
Thoroughly and evenly apply glue to the wall and the Wallpaper, pay special attention to the edges. PVA glue is recommended to apply using a medical syringe (without the needle) or a small brush (e.g. for drawing). The paste should be applied with a small sponge. Special Wallpaper glue for seams sold in small tubes that allows you to quickly and economically apply it to the surface.
Wait some time (from three to ten minutes) that Wallpaper is soaked with glue.
Firmly press the folded edge of the Wallpaper to the wall. In the direction from the center to the edge, smooth the surface with a brush with soft bristles to avoid formation of bubbles and folds. If you need to glue plain paper instead of brushes you can use a rubber roller or spatula. Speaking for the edge edges, excess glue carefully remove with a dry cloth or sponge. Note that the cured adhesive is very difficult to remove from the surface of the Wallpaper.