Please see the large wholesale warehouses. Typically, these warehouses are located not only in specially equipped in Soviet times, and in the former vegetable bases, railway warehouses, and more modern terminals. In addition, once a major enterprise in recent times pass wholesalers unneeded huge warehouses.
Be careful with sellers of confiscated goods at amazingly low prices. First, the probability that the product is simply stolen, and secondly, even if it is and there are some documents, these wholesale channels do not always can be regarded as constant.
If you are interested in purchasing products, small wholesale, please contact to this end, in one of the nearby hypermarkets ("Metro"). Such hypermarkets is simply indispensable for the owners of small shops and public catering enterprises.
If you live in Moscow, in order to find the wholesalers, go beforehand on the website United Wholesale Warehouse for Moscow and Moscow region).
If you are interested in purchasing or wholesale sales of food, don't forget to visit the site and to see the wide range of products or to place a bid in one of the categories. About almost every type of product or party can enjoy and review, and an analytical article, and other presentation materials.
Go to one of the business forums of the Internet (for example, in the section "marketplace") and register in order to post information about your goods or to contact suppliers.
Visit website (national directory of wholesale companies). Sign up and choose the price list of the website wholesalers whose conditions suit you or if you are a product provider, place information about yourself.