You will need
    • Young
    • Mature beans
    • or green pods
    • water
    • salt
    • citric acid
    • ice
    • in the pressure cooker.
The first step is the right approach to the selection process beans. In fact, the selection process is quite simple, if you know the basic rules and secrets. So, green beans should be bright green without spots, the pods should not be rough and dry, but should not bend, this suggests that the beans are not fresh. The size of the green pods must be no thicker than a pencil. You can open one pod and look at the grain, they should be smooth and elastic. Dry beans in turn needs to be clean and shiny without damage and wrinkled skin, otherwise they will taste bad. Mature grains and beans necessarily subjected to heat treatment. Young grain can be eaten raw.
If you cook the young beans in pods, or regular green beans, you should remember that the soak is not recommended. From the pods, remove the fibrous ends and seams on both sides. Then cut into small pieces and put into plenty of salted boiling water. Salt and plenty of water will keep the beautiful green color of the pods. Drop the pods into boiling water slowly so as not to stop the boiling process. When cooking green beans should be sure that they do not seethe, as they are prepared rather quickly. Most of them just pour over boiling water to remove the skin.
Dry and Mature beans before cooking should be soaked for 6-8 hours, during this time several times to change the water. Grain that popped up need to be removed. Cook the beans need lots of water (water should be approximately two fingers above the beans). Cooking time can vary from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the variety, degree of maturity and the time of soaking grains. The longer these beans cook, the tastier they will become.