You will need
    • Pan;
    • beets;
    • vinegar.
Before cooking the beetroot, rinse the roots from the remnants of the earth. Use this brush. It is best to take beets the same size, so it's done at the same time.
Take a saucepan, preferably enamel or glass, as aluminium after cooking, the beets will have to be cleaned. Size of pan depends on the number of root crops, beets should be completely covered with water.
Before cooking the beets, clean and trim her tails not required, otherwise all the juices will go into the water. For this reason, roots are not cut, and boiled whole, although the grinding can reduce the cooking time.
To preserve the bright color of beets, in water you must add white vinegar, a tablespoon in the whole pot. Similar properties has citric acid, but it is necessary to put quite a bit on the tip of a knife. As the beets cooked in the skins, then salt water is not necessary. Salt is added to the already prepared dish of beets.
Place the pot with water and root vegetables on the stove and bring the liquid to a boil, and then simmer the beets over low heat for at least an hour. For cooking larger beets will take more time. If in the process of cooking the water boils, then it needs to be refilled to the original volume.
To check whether cooked beets, is very simple: it is enough to pierce it with a knife. The blade must pass through the beets easily if it is not soft, you want to cook.
After cooking the beets soak for several minutes in the icy water, it will facilitate the cleaning process of root crops.