You will need
  • Any book publication or online resource with a description of all the totems.
You may think that you choose a totem animal. In fact, it chooses you. This is the animal that is watching you from birth, like a guardian angel. Totem animal remains with you either for life or for a specified period of time. It depends on how you develop, whether you are pursuing your life path. Totem animal may appear in your life for a short period of time if you suddenly appeared in a kind of a crossroads in life and need help. You can have several totem animals in my entire life, although most people have no more than 1-2.
Go back to your childhood. If you play with soft toys that represent those or other animals, or did you feel a connection with certain animals?
Analyze your dreams. Did you ever have recurring dreams with the same animal in them? If so, try to invoke such a dream. Perhaps the animal something will tell you or try somewhere you take. This may be your totem animal.
Meditate. Find a quiet place, sit in the Lotus position, clear your mind of all thoughts and breathe evenly. During meditation your mind can be image of your totem animal.
Consult the relevant handbooks with the description of all the totems. Once you are happy with your totem animal, look what it symbolizes. Maybe the totem animal reflects your behaviors, thoughts, or feelings. Or it may try to tell you something in your dreams.
Determine what purpose has a totem animal in your life. Life totem animal supports you throughout your life. Temporary can only appear in a certain period, to assist you in a given situation. It can contribute to your personal growth or to warn of possible danger. Can exist totem animal that you fear. Its purpose is to test you.