Advice 1: How to water the garlic

Garlic belongs to the plant, very bad response to excess moisture in the soil, so its farming depends on proper watering. Choosing the right technique of watering, some growers increase crop garlicand 40-50%.
How to water the garlic

General guidelines

Garlic stop watering about a month before digging up and usually begin to gather 12-17 July, when the leaves turn yellow - this is a sign of maturation. To determine maturity of plants, some gardeners recommend leaving on the plant 1-2 flower stems. As soon as the stems on them burst, it's time to dig the garlic. It should be noted that if the stems then leave the ripening, of the largest bullock you can get a great planting material.

After irrigation a must-see garden. If you can see the bare bulbs, it is important to immediately close their land. Also watch out for garlic after heavy rains. If the garden, despite regular watering, looks dried up, the ground around the plant is gently to loosen - so after the top layer of soil can enter the air.
Usually the garlic watered by sprinkling method, using one square meter 15 gallons of water when watering once a week.

Irrigation garlic needs, generally during may, June and early July. For 18-20 days before harvesting to stop watering the garlic. Normalized irrigation should the temperature of the air, for example, during moderate weather, when not very hot and moderately rainy, per 1 square meter consumes 10-12 liters of water. Between waterings should be 8-10 day break.
For irrigation professionals and experienced gardeners recommend the use of water, the constant for some time in the sun.

If there is hot summer, when the same volume of water between waterings is reduced to 5-6 days. With the continuing rainy weather of winter garlic does not need watering.

The combination of irrigation with fertilization

Experts recommend watering to combine garlic with the dressing. For example, when the plants already there is 3-4 pages, in 10 litres of water to dissolve a tablespoon of urea or as much ready liquid fertilizer "Agricola-Vegeta". This solution garlic should be watered from watering by sprinkling. However, as a rule, per square meter consumes 2-3 liters of solution.

After 2-3 weeks, you can fertilize the plants with a solution of nitrophoska NPK or by dissolving 2 tablespoons of fertilizer in 10 liters of water. Good results also gives a ready to use liquid fertilizer "Effekton". To do this, 2 tablespoons should be diluted in 10 liters of water. Spent the above feeding is practically the same for 1 square meter of 3-4 liters of the mixture.

The final feeding is carried out during formation of the bulb, its time individually and depends on the climatic conditions of a particular locality. Necessary to irrigate 2 tablespoons chopped superphosphate is dissolved in 10 liters of water. The mixture is consumed in the calculation of 4-5 liters per 1 square meter of the ground.

Advice 2 : Do I need to water the onions

Onion - a vegetable, without which it is impossible to cook many dishes. That is why it puts almost anyone with a garden plot. Planting onions is incredibly simple, and with proper care can achieve a good harvest.
Do I need to water the onions

Do I need to water the onions after planting

Some gardeners believe that after planting, onions need to be watered, and so that the seedlings were in the "swamp" conditions and was practically floating in water. Others believe that watering is unnecessary, or even harmful to the growth and development of vegetables. However, I want to remind you that any plant for normal development of the necessary moisture, the bow is no exception. At the same time this vegetable is in excess of water in the soil can easily rot, so to fill the plants is not necessary.

If you just plant onions and not know whether to water it or not, you have two options: if you before planting the garden shed with water, in this case the irrigation is missing, if the pouring is not carried out, water the seedlings is necessary, and so that no water gets on the bulbs.

Do I need to water the onions in July and August

If Luke has a well developed root system, then the need for irrigation depends solely on the weather. In the month of July often there are droughts, the rains are absent more than seven consecutive days, the temperature reaches over 25 degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, moisture from the soil evaporates and the plants it is not enough, which negatively affects their development, so watering a bow, most often, simply necessary.

If July is not poor rains, then pour the onion unnecessary. As for August, this month rarely skimp on precipitation, and given the fact that the rapid growth of the onion is the end of July, the watering of these plants in the last month of summer you can not carry out.

Remember, in hot dry weather onions need to be watered once every five days, if the rain comes at least once a week, that is, refrain from watering, otherwise you can not avoid Fusarium vegetables.

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