Although garlic during the year is not used so much and not buy dozens of kilos for the winter, but gardeners, who raised himself a hundred heads, we should really try to save the harvest until spring in the home. The more that some part of the spring will be landing. Despite the fact that winter garlic is dug in July, and immediately used in food and canning, and in October planted, the rest will still have to store.

The conditions necessary for storage of garlic

After digging the garlic must be well dried in shaded, ventilated place without moisture. Only fully dried heads can persist throughout the winter, even at room temperature. Before drying you need to decide how to store the garlic in bunches or loose. In the first case, no need to shorten the stem.

In the presence of cellars or underground storage question is solved easier, but at high humidity and a temperature below +4 OS garlic there is nothing to do. For more confidence in the safety of the product can be placed on the wall thermometer. Future planting material is stored at a humidity of 75% and at the best possible low temperature. So the garlic cloves will be more resistant to diseases and will grow together in the garden.

Garlic does not tolerate direct sunlight, but rather when storing in the bright sun it will quickly become flabby and begin to germinate. When stored in a residential area the garlic will feel good about themselves at a temperature of 18-20 degrees in the closet or under the bed, but you need to exclude places where the pass next to the heating pipes. If the garlic a bit, you can use the fridge. When the freezer is on top, the best location will be the bottom compartment, if the lower location is top shelf.

Ways to store at home

Garlic can be stored suspended on a Cabinet wall or underground. To do this, it is collected into bundles or knitting in braids. As storage containers garlic loose fit wicker baskets or cardboard boxes. You can use wooden boxes and glass jars, but in the latter case, you do not need to close them with polyethylene lids. You should not store garlic in plastic and iron containers.

For storage of garlic, some owners use canvas bags. Adding onion peel, you should not worry about low humidity. An excess of moisture head of garlic, pour salt or pre-soak the bag in cool saline solution and dried. With the same purpose garlic stored in boxes, also pour onion husks, sawdust or ash.

For use in cooking, garlic can be directly divided into the teeth be cleaned. In a clean glass jar have firmly put the peeled garlic and pour it with any vegetable oil. This storage saves time when you use the garlic and oil so absorbed its smell, that they can be watered and vegetable salads. The less common way to store garlic is in the flour or sealing with wax, when each head is dipped in the melted wax, and then adds layers in a box or basket.