You will need
  • utility kk.exe, file Manager.
Download kk.exe designed to work with the most popular virus for flash drives currently virus recycler. To save your computer from it, you can use this antivirus program, but it does not guarantee. If it didn't lead to positive results, you should perform several steps.
Remove the virus manually. For this you need to make sure taken all sorts of preventive measures — in accordance with established antivirus to prevent further infection and prescribed a comfortable file Manager, which enabled viewing system and hidden files.
Open the flash drive in the file Manager and delete unknown files and folders. During manual removal, you cannot open the drives and files you double click, you need to use the tree of files if you use Windows Explorer or the function button, if you use a file Manager with two panels.
Be removed, as a rule, the file autorun.bat, autorun.~ex autorun.exe, autorun.bin, autorun.ico, autorun.inf, autorun.reg, autorun.ini, autorun.srm, autorun.vbs autorun.txt, autorun.wsh. In addition, it should also remove other unfamiliar file extensions .com .inf .tmp .sys .exe. The RECYCLED or RECYCLER folder also be deleted thanks to the virus and found the name.
If the files cannot be removed or they appear after removal again, the user's computer is infected, and your antivirus program can not cope. In such a case, it is necessary to use other antivirus programs with updated signatures and repeat the above procedure again. In a particularly difficult situation might even require the installation of the system and complete re-formatting of hard disk space.