First, turn on the computer. Go to the panel menu "start", all programs click the office folder, select and run the Microsoft Word program.
Type in the text. In order to count the characters of your full text, highlight it completely. To do this, click with the left mouse button on the text and drag the cursor from the beginning of the text until the very end, so that the text covered. Hold the button until you are sure that the topic you selected.
Then in the bottom left of the screen on the panel PC, you will see information about the number of pages, and next to it information on the number of characters in your selected text. Click on "Number of characters" and a new window will open. It will provide information on the number of characters with spaces, without spaces.
If you want to determine the number of characters of certain passages in your text, it is done in the following way. It is necessary to allocate several plots. To select text you can not only use the left mouse button, but by pressing Ctrl. To do this, press Ctrl and hold it. It is necessary with the left mouse button to highlight the passages of interest to you. Once the desired text is highlighted, in the same way as described above, in the lower left corner pane, locate the words "Number of characters" and click on it to display a window with the necessary information in the text.
If you want to know the number of certain symbols, whether letters or punctuation, then select all text, press and hold Ctrl and F. this Opens a window where the string "find", you must enter the interesting symbol, then press "Find" and select from the offered options of "Main document". After processing the request a window will open, where there will be information about how many times this character occurs in the text.