Quite often there is a problem with the breakdown handle PVC Windows. New handles can be purchased in the construction market. Their cost is from 70 to 200 roubles. Replacement will take a few minutes. First you need to turn the plate in the base of the handle 90 degrees. You will then see the screws which are fastening the handles to the window. They should Unscrew with a screwdriver. Then remove the old handle. This place install a new handle. Well tighten the screws. Under the base of the handle there is a plate that regulates the ventilator "comb". When replacing try not to touch it.
If the window handle is stuck in the open position and is not rotated, then the cause is likely to triggered the lock turn. The fact that the handle was locked in the wrong position and can not close the window. Fittings modern Windows have a lock, which prevents damage to the window in a strong impact on the handle.
You need to find the shut-off thin metal plate or key at the end face of the sash. It is in the region of the handle. Press the finger plate to the gasket and try to turn the knob. Note that the fold should be in a vertical position. If it is tilted, the upper lock the swing-out position will produce the blocking of the handle turn. Only after you have pressed the plate to the gasket, it's easy to turn the knob and return it to the open position.
If you have accessories "Roto , "GU" , "Winkhaus", or something else, the metal plate you will not be able to find. Instead a metal tab. It is located at an angle relative to the frame. To perform the adjustment hardware, press the tongue down with your finger. He should stand parallel to the sealing rubber. You can now easily turn the handle to the desired position.

If you happen replace the handle, then the reason is the drying of the lubricant or contamination of the surface. It is recommended for this purpose to use a universal penetrating grease type WD-40 or equivalent. Also fits the engine oil or oil for sewing machines, although their efficiency is much less. Clean accessories of dirt and dust and also lubricate all moving parts. Special attention should be given to the top corners of the transmission.