You will need
  • machine oil, hex key, rubber seals
If the knob turns with a creak and click, check if the fixture sand or dirt. Furniture clean the system and lubricate it with machine oil.
From the window blows. Most likely, the striking plates are bad presses in a locking axle. To eliminate blowing, it is necessary to translate the journal in the winter mode. Check, whether gear axle for the response threshold. If not, you have to move the response bar. Another reason blowing, failure of rubber seal. Then you have to open the window, pull the rubber seal and insert the new. To purchase seals in any company that sells Windowsmi PVC.
Blowing out the window maybe from improper installation of the design. In this case, to cope impossible, as it will have to remove the window and reinstall it. If there's a factory defect, for example, fold less than necessary, then there will have to completely change the shutter.
During freezing and formation of ice on the windowx to talk about the leaks of the window. In this case, adjustment is required, you should do professional. When freezing of the window sills, frames or slope it is about the poor mounting design. Output – conduct of removal and new installation. Unfortunately, to cope with such a problem is quite difficult. Most likely, you will have to contact the window company, which manufactured plastic window.
At loss of fold of the flap should be lifted upwards a few millimeters, while pulling on the hex key loop on the bottom frame.
If you try to close the window sash rubs on frame, you need to cheer her up. Use hex key: insert it in the adjustment hole located on the bottom of the loop of the sash and gently turn in the clockwise direction.