Simple damage to the sill

The surface of the plastic windowsill covered with foil that perform decorative and protective functions. When used carelessly it can cause scratching. To remove minor scratches, use a wax for the laminate. If they are not very deep, to repair the sill by using a special cleaner Cosmofen is the composition of the solvent-based. Apply to scratches, the top film layer dissolves and becomes liquid, the scratches will simply disappear. But in the case where the window sill is a bit yellowed from time, this tool is better to cover the entire surface, leaving no stains.
Choosing a manufacturer of plastic Windows, note that some companies include in the contract a condition of replacement of the sill in case of damage.

When scratches are deep or someone managed to burn the window sill random cigarette butt, a composition based on solvent to clean it will not work. In this case, you can use a liquid plastic Cosmofen Plus. It will help even in cases when the sill is formed a dent from accidentally put hot pans or pots. Just liquid plastic fills all the cavities, and the elevation of the sill again becomes flat and smooth. But since this plastic patch will be noticeable, on top of a window sill can do special decorative self-adhesive film.
In hardware stores you will be offered decorative self adhesive films that mimic the surface of natural stone or wood of various breeds, you can always choose a suitable design.

Lining the window sill

If the sill is lost or corrupted, usually had to take it off to replace with a new one. Had to dismantle it, which was accompanied by damage to the wall. Now there is no need to replace and dismantling of the sill. Some firms offer special pads on the sills are made from the same PVC as the window. There are different domestic and imported pads. Imported, as a rule, covered with decorative film. The surface of some of the lining is not glued at all, which greatly improves their resistance to mechanical stress and their life. Plate completely covers the upper surface of the sill and its end, on the sides of the installed plugs, window design becomes a finished and aesthetically pleasing appearance.