You will need
  • - decorative film;
  • - wooden planks;
  • glue;
  • - Lac;
  • - paint;
  • upholstery material;
  • decorative nails;
  • - hammer;
  • lock with a pen.
Method of refining of a door depends on the material from which it is made. If you have a plain steel door with a smooth outer surface, it is easiest to hang it with a decorative film. Modern self-adhesive films simulate a variety of surfaces, from expensive mahogany to marble and granite.
If a flat, smooth surface, even decorated under the tree, you do not like, try to give it some texture. The easiest option is to pasting the door, thin wooden planks to mimic a natural wood door. For gluing slats use a regular construction is a colorless glue. The final surface coat and two coats of varnish. It is better to use a Matt varnish-too much glitter hurts.
Instead of wooden planks you can use different types of laminate, hardware stores offer a very large selection. The only problem may occur with the edges of the laminate panels, as the slices will be seen plastic. Pick a paint the color of the panels and carefully fill all the slices. The finished surface can also be lacquered, it will give the whole surface uniformity and will allow you to disguise the laminate. Even a very careful person can not immediately understand that your door is not made of noble wood.
One of the easiest ways to give the front door a more attractive appearance is staining. Paint of different colors and shades highlight lateral and Central elements of the doors, even if in reality they are not. For the visual separation of the door elements you can use decorative furniture rack.
A pretty traditional way of restoration of the entrance doors is its upholstery. The method is convenient because does not require any investments and skills, enough to buy upholstery and decorative nails. However, this option is rarely used since upholstered the door still does not look too modern.
An important element is the door lock with the door handle. Of course, you and the old handle to put in order, but it is better to buy a new lock, since the selection is great, and the cost is not too high. Castle with a beautiful new door handle will not only give solidity to the doors, but also increase its reliability.