You will need
  • Extract from the unified state register, the certificate of state registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur, a statement to the tax office, the document proving the identity.
Properly , select the code activity of the classifier of economic activities. The choice of activity rests on the shoulders of Director of the company, or individual entrepreneur. If you are unsure of the correct choice, it is better to consult with a lawyer or tax accountant.
Complete the application form Р14001. The application form can be bought in the printing or download from the Internet and print. Be sure to view the example of filling the application to avoid errors. It is best to fill it directly in the tax office after the consultation, the taxman.
When the application has passed the test of the tax inspector, take a full package of documents and go to a public notary in order to notarize the document.
As soon as the extract from the unified state register changes, you must make a copy of the registry and give it to the Department of statistics.