With the appointment of a new Director General, territorial tax authority, you must submit three documents: an application form Р14001, minutes of the General meeting of shareholders (or decision) and an employment contract with the new head. The last two documents you need to be on their own, form Р14001 can be purchased in stores or downloaded from the Internet.
In application form Р14001 on the first page enter all the required information about the company, check the box "Data on the persons having the right without the power of attorney to act on behalf of the legal person" marker. When filling out the form , avoid corrections, typos, errors, do not leave important fields blank.
Go to sheet C Field on the sheet S you will have to fill several times. In the first case, select the marker field "Termination of office" and enter all the required information about the CEO, who has resigned. The same sheet Z complete the General Director, took office. Mark with a marker on the appropriate box.
Count the number of filled sheets W and enter the resulting number on the first page of the application (paragraph 2.8). Fill a sheet with information about the applicant. The applicant usually acts as the new CEO. Print all completed pages of the form Р14001 and the sheet where there should be a stamp of a notary. Do not bind the pages with staples and do not sign the document.
To assure the form Р14001 in the notary's office needs the applicant. One should have an identity document (passport). Employees sew the statement, the notary will certify the signature of the applicant. Remember that assurance services are paid.
Attach certified application Protocol (decision) and an employment contract with the new head. Submit documents to local tax authority in person or by mail.
Remember that the deadline for notification of tax authority on the date of adoption of the decision on the appointment of a new General Director three working days. Five working days to collect the certificate of registration of changes in EGRUL and an extract from the register. The new head of the authority since the adoption of the decision on his appointment to the position.