For state registration made to the constituent documents of the legal entity changes there is a new form Р13001. Form Р13001 consists of statements representing a single page, and annexes to the statement – it leaves A-N. Form Р13001 contains items to which you want to enter data for identification of the legal entity state registration authority. Also, the form includes a list of items that you will need to make you are interested in changes in the LLC Charter.
Fill in the form Р13001 and delivery of documents to change Charter of the company hem it to the applications detailing the changes. Please note that the numbering of the pages of both documents must be cross-cutting. The number of sheets shall be certified by a notary, whose seal must be on cross-linking of your application to change the LLC's Charter.
The legal entity details to accurately specify the details of the company according to the register of legal entities. sub-items is also complete in strict accordance with the certificate of incorporation. If you want to change the name of the LLC, the sub-item 1.1 of the "Full name" write its former name, the extract incorporation.
Paragraph 2 in the new form Р13001 entitled "Changes". Recorded here designate the leaves of the applications that you must fill in for registration of changes. For example, when changing names put a tick in subparagraph 2.1, and then fill the sheet As "Data on the name of the legal entity". This sheet consists of several items. In the first, you specify the organizational-legal form of legal entity. In paragraph 2, fill sub-clause 2.1: "the name of the company in the Russian language."
Write here the new name of your LLC (if we are talking about such type of enterprise). Only in these paragraphs specify the new name of the company, and all the rest – the old, the extract incorporation. Subparagraphs 2.2 and 2.3 fill in as needed. If is replaced by the address of the company, then put a check in item 2.2 and filled in the Sheet labeled "address Information (location)".