You will need
  • - network cable;
  • - computer or laptop.
For the settings of the router must take into account the demands made by your provider. Just want to note that not all routers can be successfully configured to work with any provider. Get the right equipment. Note the connector Internet connection (DSL or WAN).
Connect purchased the router to AC power. If your device supports wireless networks, then check the access point Wi-Fi. Sometimes these routers can be configured without connecting to them via cable. Otherwise, make the connection of a computer or laptop with the LAN connector of the router.
Connector DSL or WAN plug the cable provider. Start a web browser on the equipment connected to the router. Read the device's user manual and find his IP address. Enter a value in the url line of the browser. Press the Enter key.
Open the WAN menu. Based on the recommendations of the specialists from your ISP, configure the Internet connection of the router. Be sure to save the settings.
If you want to create an access point Wi-Fi, then click Wireless Settings. Set the options of your wireless access point. Be sure to set a rather complicated password to prevent hacking your network.
In rare cases requires more details to configure the settings of the router. For example, if your provider requires a static IP address for this device, set. This can be done in WAN menu. Select from available options the option Static IP. In the next row, set the value of a static IP address.
Note that after changing the IP address of your router you may have to drive the value of the new IP to access the settings. Sometimes you may have additional LAN settings on the computers.