In order to find out what the MAC address is set on the router, simply flip the box of the router and in the field with the name MAC ID will be written in the corresponding room, which typically consists of 12 letters and numbers. In addition, the MAC address can be learned through a special web interface, which is equipped with any such device (by the way, changing the MAC address is also performed in the web interface of the router).

How to find the MAC address?

Before changing the MAC address of the router you need to know the MAC address of the network card of the computer, in which was stuck a cable provider before. The number in several ways, depending on the version of the operating system used on a personal computer.

For example, in Windows XP you need to go to the start menu and go to "control Panel". In the resulting window, open the "Network connections". Next, you need to find an active connection to the Internet and using the right mouse button to bring up the context menu and then select "Status". In the "Support" tab, click "Details", which opens a special window, and under "Physical address" will indicate the MAC address of the network card.

In Windows 7 the procedure is almost identical. The user will also need to go to "Control Panel", and then "control Center network and sharing". Then on the left choose "Change adapter settings" and find an interesting connection. After clicking with the right mouse button selects the item "Status" and in the window "Information". The MAC address can be read from the string "Physical address". After the desired number is found, it is best to write it down on a piece of paper.

Replace the old number to the new

You will then need to go into the settings of the router. This is done quite easily - you need to open any browser and in the address bar enter (the address can be different, depending on the model and the manufacturer, for example, Once the web interface is opened, you need to find a special item in the setup where you specify the MAC address of the router (in each model, it may be in different places). When the desired field is found, you will need to enter that number, which was recorded by the user before, instead of the old MAC address and then click the "Clone MAC Address" and save all changes. When the router will check the new information by hand directly to the ISP, the user will have access to a global network.