After a snake bite victim needs to calm down. The maximum limit of its motion, decline to move the affected limb. Otherwise, the poison will quickly spread throughout the body. Suctioning venom out of the wound is considered quite effective by using. But remember that the poison can enter your body if mouth have any sores. Are you ready to risk your health. For better suction use a jar or vial. With a match set of capacity oxygen and quickly put the it to the bite. Do not attempt to cut the wound, do not use a tourniquet. The poison quickly begins to spread through the lymphatic system, which can lead to edema and death. Impossible to cauterize the affected area. The teeth of the snake can be more than a centimeter in length, therefore, the poison gets much deeper. On site burning may form a scab, under which will start festering. If possible, give the patient to drink a diuretic, it will help to bring some of the infection from the body. In any case do not let alcohol and coffee. While you provide first aid, ask someone to call an ambulance. If this is impossible, try as quickly as possible to deliver the person to the nearest medical facility, to where he had the qualified help.