If you are among those who are only going to do this, know that any candidate in the drivers before you start driving lessons, you must pass a special medical examination and obtain a driver's medical certificate. In many schools for the convenience of students organized meetings licensed medical fee away. In this case, to obtain a certificate is very easy. If you don't want to waste your time, find out in advance whether a particular driving school such an opportunity. Driver's medical certificate you will need anyway, so if there is an option to spend to receive less time, it's for the best.
Help for driver's license issued in the presence of certain documents and payment of all services. Thus, you will need a passport and its photocopy, two photos, and for men – military registration certificate (military card) and its copy. Also be sure to pay a medical examination, the cost of which directly learn in driving school. If you pass the Commission to another medical facility, be sure to take in the organization, which will be issued the driver's certificate, sample. There's also find out what tests you must pass and what doctors to visit.
In some medical institutions do not have the psychiatrist and the psychotherapist, so you will have to pass their examinations in other medical organizations. Be sure to take help and these professionals, which then come to the Agency issuing the driver's medical certificate. In this case, you will need the same documents as previously described.
Driver's certificate – an integral part of the process of obtaining a driver's license, so do not delay its execution. The sooner you pass all the tests, pass the examination and get results, the better for you. Moreover, the visit to the doctor has never been superfluous, in fact care about your health you should always.