Pay attention to your feeling of the car in front. Beginners often get the impression that the car ends driver's seat. However, ahead of you even the nose of the machine a length less than a meter. It happens that in the car a sloping nose, and the driver's seat to its far edge is not visible. In this case, you must be locked in mind that ahead of you even the nose of the car about a meter long. For example, when driving in traffic keep a distance to ahead vehicle is with this in mind.
Now think that you have left. In order not to call on the next lane, be sure to intermittent or continuous line marking, separating, passed on the left bottom corner of your windshield. This means that up to the edge of the strip in approximately 70 centimeters.
When you feel the dimensions on the right also look at the bottom right corner of the windshield. When driving there should be a strip curbs. This is especially important when Parking, otherwise you risk to collide with the curb or put the car too far from the edge of the roadway.
The distance back is best defined by the mirrors. In the left mirror you'll see your whole car from the driver's seat to the tail. Keep in mind that this distance is approximately three meters.