The sense of size of the car – intuitive. In order to know where the end of the hood, do not have to stretch and look at him. But the first months of driving is a period of adaptation not only to the traffic situation, but also to the car. The novice hard to feel dimensions of the car without any apparent pleasure from interior markings. It comes with experience. But there are things that you should consider if you want to pass in a narrow space or to Park in tight spaces.
All newbies on the road gives them a desire to stretch your neck to see the pavement in front of the car. They think it's easier to control the distance in front of the other machine to see your bumper. But as paradoxical as may sound, on the road no need to look at the road directly in front of him, only for the future. And front bumper with all due diligence not to see. You need to understand that it is slightly bulging forward and so the distance in front of the vehiclem or a obstacle is observed, given the bumper. Can be embedded into the bumper antenna, which will be easily visible from the driver's seat and indicate where the end of the bumper.
Harder to feel the car when reversing. If the car is a hatchback, you can navigate back brush. If the vehicle is a sedan, it is possible to embed the antenna in the rear bumper so that it was visible from driver's rearview mirror. When Parking you can configure the mirror so you could see the wheels. At the wheels it is easier to calculate and to see the distance to the obstacle, especially if it is a curb.
The lateral dimensions of the body of the car can be identified by the side mirrors. Outermost part of the mirror housing and is the width of the car. So when you need to pass a narrow place or Park the vehicle parallel, is focused precisely on the edge of the mirror. Estimate the distance between the object and the edge of the mirror. Even if you feel that pass very close to you, do not worry. To the subject there are still the correct distance.
When changing lanes in heavy traffic, it is important not to catch the overtaking car. And for this you need to estimate the distance to a moving car for you and take into account the length of your car. If the side mirror you're browsing the car for you, then you can start rebuilding. When you see only part of the car, then he is too close to you.