You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the contract;
  • - a statement.
If you want to extend the contract of the loan and transfer loans for other terms, see the statement or oral request to the lender. Oral treatment is more appropriate in that case, if a lender is an individual. A written statement is appropriate to apply to official credit institutions.
In the statement, specify the reason you want to extend the contract and to return the money at a later date. Instead of the application to extend the contract to repay the loan on the basis of a court ruling after the proceedings on your financial insolvency on the application of your creditors. In this case, you can give the installments of the loan for 5 years.
If no court orders, to extend the contract is possible only by mutual consent. The extension of credit relations, perhaps drawing up a supplementary agreement to the main contract or conclude a new loan agreement with other terms and conditions of the loans.
If your lender agrees to extend a contract, then make an additional agreement in two copies for each party, or renew the contract and specify the new loan terms. The supplementary agreement has no standardized format, and you can make it by hand, showing all of the new terms. In the beginning of the document specify what the contract agreement, who and with whom it signed what agreement came to hand in the person of the borrower, the lender, describe in detail all of the new terms of repayment. And at the conclusion of the main contract in the preparation of a supplementary agreement must be witnesses from both the lender and the borrower side.
If you renew the contract you must make a brand new document, putting that the previous credit agreement expired. In the new Treaty describe all the terms of lending amount, repayment period and interest rates.