Advice 1: How to tell a girl you love her

Which is to say about feelings you are trying to her, no matter first time or the tenth, but freeze all of the words, when in the eye, at least for a moment your look. It is important to confess his love to the girl so that the words were not only heard, but also touched her heart. In fact, the recipes are countless. There are some General rules, but mostly it will depend on you.
How to tell a girl you love her
The most important thing is to try to do everything to his beloved was in a good mood, or wait until such time when all her thoughts higher problems. If she likes to be the center of attention, it is possible to arrange recognition in the karaoke bar, to sing her favorite love song, but to be better in silence, as it is very personal, and she can be embarrassed.
If a girl has a sweet tooth, in the evening in the restaurant or café, you can order a cake for her with recognition.
Even if you have no opportunity to do anything big, even if you just hug her gently and whisper the sacred words, or write on my status about love so that the girl realized that it was dedicated to her,- you will succeed – she learns about your feelings.
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The most important thing in this, perhaps, sincerity is to speak what you feel, not memorized text. Do not laugh as this will only show you the love that your confession is not serious.

Advice 2 : How to hint to her about your feelings

You think you love, but to open up and speak about their feelings you're not ready, in order to have the courage and confidence, you want to only hint about his likes and look at the response girls. It makes no sense to waste time in speculation and conjecture, it is better to start specific actions.
How to hint to her about your feelings
If you won't do anything and continue to suffer from love on the sidelines, the object of your sympathy don't know. Go for it! Be always close to, but do not show urgency. Show the girl that you are careful: I'm sure she shared with you their wishes, memorize them and try to perform. If a girl said that loves Levitan, go to an art gallery, and if she dreams of a Ferris wheel, arrange a date in an amusement Park, etc.
Show yourself interesting and versatile companion, show sincere interest in the Hobbies of the girl.
Increasingly interested in her news and mood. A simple phone call or a text message wishing me a good day to accentuate your care. Tell a girl a compliment, if not resolved immediately say: "I love you", first things first: "You are so beautiful, you have such mesmerizing eyes, soft hands, improvise, any girl would be such a nice compliment. Give the object of their sympathies is a small but beautiful gift.
Often catch her eye or smile, try to gently touch the arm or waist girl, this tactile contact can become more eloquent than any words.
Girls love courageous. Think again: perhaps the most simple and effective way to hint about feelings would be the recognition in them. But maybe I should give relations to develop peacefully, not to rush things, and time and mutual sympathy will soon give you both confidence in himself and in his own feelings.

Advice 3 : How beautiful Declaration of love to the girl - Capricorn

Capricorn – the most practical representatives of the zodiacal circle, and even in matters amorous Capricorn wants everything to be serious and thoughtful. That is why even the Declaration of love representatives of this sign should be impressive, but on a strictly thought-out plan.
How beautiful Declaration of love to the girl-Capricorn
Girls born under the constellation of Capricorn, I do not like affectedness and pathos, and even in their dreams, the Prince appears on a white horse and a black SUV, because the white horse in our time – not the most practical vehicle.

Before you decide to open the senses before deliberately serious Capricorn, you'll have to develop a full-fledged plan, which not hurt to provide even a way out.

A Declaration of love to the girl-Capricorn: all the points

In recognizing the less time it should take the words and more actions. It is not necessary to bother about flowery phrases and long poems, even if those are the devoted lover. It if your feelings are mutual, melt and from the banal to the recognition in one line, of course, if you apply it correctly.

The most important words in a girl's life-Capricorn should be pronounced in the right place. Let it be and not a hotel of class "luxury", but not spit-covered staircase. It would be nice to find a way to take her there, where she had long dreamed of visiting. Capricorns like their desire to hear, remember and perform. If the place of her dreams to visit does not work, then to hint at a trip there in the future also. Wants in Paris – take in the French restaurant. Dreams of Venice – take him to Petersburg, there is also enough water.

When planning recognition, keep in mind that Capricorns do not like idleness and carelessness. Since love – get married. Another variant can not be.

Another important point is that Capricorns though practical but not materialistic. However, anything can happen, but among girls Capricorn greedy for money is much less than among representatives of other zodiac signs. Capricorns are used to get what they need. So, clearly she loves not your Bank account, and if you effectively give her a silver ring instead of a new Lexus, a gesture she will appreciate it exactly the same way for at no cost present case.

The highlight of the recognition

Your acceptance should be the highlight, otherwise it will not work. Well if you combine a spectacular trip to the place of her dreams or like him with a treasured ring or other symbolic gift. Capricorns just love the characters and believe in them. Look at the version of the joint launch of the sky lanterns or skydiving, then it all depends on what your lover prefers, and decide. Because Capricorns are practical people. If she's with you then she already likes you and, like you, is making plans for a long future together.
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