Select the appropriate flute. Recorders differ mo material, tone of the sound and fingering. Recorders are made most often of plastic or wood. No difference in principle, for training and fit one or the other. But professionals believe that wooden flutes better, more soft and warm sound. But they are correspondingly more expensive.Tone share sopranino flute, soprano, Alto, tenor and bass. The most common flute is the soprano. The lowest sound of this flute – it note "to" the first octave. Such flutes are best suited for learning the game.Fingering the flute can be in English or German system. Not much difference between them, but the novice musician is to know which system applies his flute.
Learn how to hold the flute. The top should be left hand index finger should cover the top hole, large – hole from the back side of the flute. Middle and ring finger should cover the second and third holes from the top, and little finger should be free. The fingers of the right hand should close the remaining holes, and the thumb of the right hand holds the flute from the bottom.
Learn how to get the sound. Extract sound on the recorder is much easier than on the cross – you just blow the whistle, covering holes, and the sound is removed. Try removing the lowest sound. To do this, close all the holes with your fingers and udovice the air. Try to keep the sound you get is smooth, not torn. Then open the bottom hole and do the same thing. So you gradually learn all the sounds that are capable to make your flute.
Learn the fingerings of the flute. Considering the figures, remember which holes correspond to which notes. Later you will be able to play the notes simple melodies. Practicing and improving, you may soon learn, and improvisation.